cataract surgery recovery

The Healing Process

Some patients are in need of a helper who can drive them home. Take a complete rest for one to two days after reaching home. If you do, your eye will heal more quickly. Eye infections can be avoided by always wearing a protective gear over the eye.

The doctor will also prescribe some eye drops which you need to use while in the healing process. Most patients recover within two to six weeks. You will be advised by your doctor to refrain from doing anything that will cause damage or injury to the eye. Do not allow the healing process to be interfered in by this wrong doing.

While taking a bath, take appropriate eye care so that water will not enter the eye. Refrain from going to places where air pollution and so much dust are present. If you go through partial or complete loss of vision during the period of recovery, see your eye surgeon immediately. Other things that should bring you to the specialist include red eye, cough, eye pain and vomiting. With the medical technology advancement, cataract surgery recovery has been made easier than that in many years ago. If you take the necessary care and precautions, you can live just a normal, worry- free life.